Review: X-Men Schism #1


Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Carlos Pacheco, Cam Smith, Frank D’Armata

Review by John M. Dela Cruz

This is where is all ends and begins. If you’ve read anything Marvel related or even read news on a comic book website, you know that there is a division coming in the X-Men ranks; and this is where it all starts.

We are given a well detailed recap of what has been going on with the X-Men since the House of M storyline. The X-Men are lead by Cyclops with Wolverine as his second in command, and that they have found a new home off the coast of San Francisco on the island of Utopia. The mutant population has dwindled down to some near 200 mutants since the M-Day where man of the mutant population was “depowered” by the Scarlet Witch. Cyclops and Wolverine head to a global arms conference to ask for the governments of the world to halt any production of any type of Sentinel program that might be running.

There are some really key and important points in this book that will carry out through this 5-part mini-series. We see just how close and how much respect that Cyclops and Wolverine have for each other, so it’s interesting to know that there is something that will happen eventually in this series that splits them up. The art is fantastic. Visually speaking, it’s some of the best pencil, ink and color work that I’ve seen from and X-Men title in a long while.


This is the story that you need to read before the Fall/Winter X-Men Regenesis, where Cyclops and Wolverine end up leading two different factions of the X-Men ranks.


Buy It – I would say buy it when and if a trade paperback comes out, this is a story you’ll want.

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