Review: X-Men Regenesis #1


Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Billy Tan

Reviewed by John M. Dela Cruz

Previously in the X-Men Schism mini-series…
“The X-Men have been split in half. When a giant super-Sentinel attacked Utopia and all the adult X-Men were either half-way across the world or incapacitated, Cyclops called teenage mutants to join him defending their island home of Utopia. Sending children into battle was the last straw for Wolverine who, after the Sentinel was defeated, quit the X-Men and offered any like-minded mutants a new start where young mutants would be students, not soldiers. Who will side with Wolverine and who will side with Cyclops?”

Here it is, the division we have all been waiting for; who goes with who? Now, if you haven’t already seen the teaser images for the eight upcoming X-Men titles, then you really don’t know who is going to side with whom. I am not going to talk about and spoil anything in this book, but rather the beautiful transition through the story. We flip-flop between reality and another world I like to call “the fight in front of the bonfire.” In this fight, there is a more primal version of Wolverine and Cyclops throwing down. In reality, we see Wolverine and Cyclops going to different mutants and discussing their plans for the future; Cyclops staying on Utopia and Wolverine rebuilding the school at Westchester. Every time a mutant sides with one or the other; the “primal” version of Scott/Logan landing a decisive blow to the other.

It really is a beautiful book, and Billy Tan does some amazing work, especially his “primal versions” of the different X-Men. I am so pumped for the new X-Titles!!!

You need to have read the X-Men Schism five part mini-series.

Buy It – For all intents and purposes, this book is a MUCH needed addition for the transition between the X-Men Schism mini series and the new upcoming X-Titles.

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