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Review: Superboy #2

Superboy #2

“Superboys and Their Toys
Written by Scott Lobdell
Pencils by RB Silva
Inks by Rob Lean

Review by Bobby Shortle

Large universes are a fickle mistress. On one hand they allow you an immense sandbox to play in but they also create a set of expectations. Stories in these worlds are expected to be dynamic, have quick plot development and be rich in character development while still adhering to tropes of the medium. Writer Scott Lobdell has hit two of these points in Superboy #2 but unfortunately falls well short  in the plot development arena.

Beginning with a flashback and ending with a bang (literally) this issue is quick read that is never boring. The enemies Superboy must fight are cool to look at and the use of his powers against them is even cooler. Interestingly, there are also limits placed on Superboy’s power.  This is best illustrated though Lobdell’s excellent use of inner monologue.  Which gives much needed weight to what is otherwise a flaky action set piece. What is missing here though is reflection into the Boy of Steel’s moral character. This was a big point in the first issue and is forgone here. In fact, because we tread a lot of the same ground this feels more like a #1 than a #2.

The final pages of issue 1 promised heavy integration between this and Lobdell’s other book Teen Titans.  But this issue, “Superboys and Their Toys,”  seems like a detour from telling that story. I imagine the point of it’s to show off how dangerous Superboy really is.  Yet, as I already saw him kill a whole room of scientist with his mind, I don’t feel like I have learned anything I didn’t all ready know about him. The action in the book is good as is the characterization of Superboy himself but couldn’t have all this come in a main plot related adventure? I don’t care about this training mission or if the evil corporate honcho is lying about his intentions. The real shame of it’s that the only thing bad about this storyline is how unnecessary it feels.


Buy It- This was a solid buy for me last month but this time around I’m less sure. I like Lobdell’s writing quite a bit but I feel like Superboy #2 is spinning its wheels.  But the story is fun, action packed and maybe all of this will end up paying off at the end of the arc.

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