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Review: Demon Knights #2

Demon Knights #2
They Shall Not Pass”
Written by Paul Cornell
Pencils by Diogenes Neves
Inks by Oclair Albert

Dragons lots and lots of dragons…Are you intrigued?

Then you have come to the right place. Issue #2 of Demon Knights is a knock down drag out battle between immortal warriors and giant man eating fire breathing dragons. Now at this point you be saying, “Boy Bobby you certainly are using the word dragon quite a bit.” You would be right mysterious voice who is speaking through me. That’s because this issue actually has all of them, all the dragons. I would be surprised if there were any left for any other story after this.

I love this book. It’s a story that takes its action seriously but treats its characters with a refreshing amount of levity. The Demon rhymes, Vandal Savage is always hungry and there is even a boner joke thrown in for good measure. Yet, in all this madness and hi jinx surrounding our heroes, Paul Cornell still manages to continue to enhance our main baddy The Questiing Queen. Her ever presence gives the entire story a “what holy crap moment is coming next” feeling.

My only minor gripe is that, while it’s a page turner, this issue feels very short. Our established heroes get some character development through the battle scenes but the few new characters are pretty much ignored. These shortcomings are minute though because all in all Demon Knights #2 is one bad ass mother fu— Shut your mouth!


Buy It- This is a 100% recommendation for me. The swords and sandals fantasy violence is cool as hell and the characters are over the top in an interesting way.

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