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Review: Batman & Robin #2


Written by Peter J Tomasi

Pencils by Patrick Gleason

Inks by Mick Gray

Review by Brian Verderosa 

After last month, I was stunningly disappointed with Batman & Robin. I don’t know the backstory of how Damian came to be in Bruce’s care, though I did know of his existence. What I said last month was that my suspension of disbelief did not stretch as far to Bruce a) putting ANOTHER kid in the Robin suit, b) that child being ten years old and c) putting up with the insurmountable mountain of crap that Damian spouts.

That all changed this week. What reads more like a number one, honestly, this second issue colors the surrounding motivations for all that pissed me off last month. Bruce knows what he’s doing is hypocritical, and he has ambivalent feelings about it. There is actually very little Robin in the issue, as it’s mostly Bruce and Alfred talking. Alfred has one panel in particular that is heartbreaking.

My preconceptions have been proven wrong and I am truthfully looking forward to the next issue, as I am getting a better idea of where Tomasi and company are taking this story. I must commend them on turning me around. Bravo, gentlemen.


Buy it – If you missed number one, that’s ok. Start here. All will be well.

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