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Review: Swamp Thing #2

Swamp Thing #2

Written by Scott Snyder

Drawn by Yanick Paquette

Review By Brad Jones

Like Detective Comics #2, this new issue of Swamp Thing builds upon a stellar opening chapter and thrusts this series into further excellence. Following in #1’s footsteps, this book has some of the most beautiful, complex layouts of any of the New 52. What elevates this book above perhaps all the rest, however, is the very grounded, character-driven drama. We’re thrown into a flashback sequence of Calbraith A. H. Rodgers, a fighter pilot in WWII. After his plane crashes, we get a great reveal that he’s the current Swamp Thing and true protector of the Green. His mission is to convince Dr. Holland to take up the mantle.

What I most liked about this book is that it takes Dr. Holland’s past (before the start of Issue #1) into account and discounts the Thing he was then. Yes, he was a Swamp Thing, but he wasn’t the true protector of the earth that Rodgers is. The scenario of Rodgers’ time as the thing ending and him choosing Holland as his replacement lends itself wonderfully in the reason and logic of why Holland should (and I’d assume will, eventually) pick up the mantle. I also like that Holland isn’t 100% swayed by Rodger’s story, and even though we know he WILL be the true Thing (or else this is going to be a very short series), there’s complexity in our hero, both in how he’s drawn and who he is.


The more I read Swamp Thing, the more in love with this book I am. I think it’s the diamond in the rough of the New 52 and a definite read.

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