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Review: Men of War #2


Review by Brad Jones

Written by Ivan Brandon

Drawn by Tom Derrenick

Where to even begin? In my review for Issue #1, I almost thumbs-up the book for the story of Rock in the first half. This time around, I dread having to read and write so much as another word about Men of War. I just started to reiterate the story, but I don’t even feel the will to continue on. There is zero-correlation between each panel and we’re left to fill in the blanks in this story that Brandon is trying to tell. Events teleport from page to page (without a drop of artistic inspiration), until we encounter the creature that was flying around blowing stuff up in the last issue. It’s a naked chick with ridiculous red hair. She can fly very high into the air, and does so with Rock in tow. Why? I don’t really know. Do I care? Not even a little.

The second book has us shuttling back to the Navy SEALs story line, a segment I cared even less about this time around. The art is even less inspired than in the first half and I spent most of the book trying to figure out which of the four characters I was following. They literally all look exactly the same. Their defining characteristics are as follows: one’s shot, another is standing over the wounded one, one’s a bigot and the last is trying to stop Archie Bunker from shooting some civilians A-rabs. There is no subtlety, creativity or story-telling in this half, especially. In fact, I continue to wonder why this book even exists at all.


I don’t know why anyone would gravitate towards this book, and if I can help sway even one person from this book, I would have considered my job well-done. I’m truly nauseous at the thought of having to endure even one more issue before I can tell the whole series to go AWOL.

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