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Review: Hawk & Dove #2


“Party Time”

Written by Sterling Gates

Pencils by Rob Liefeld

Inks by Rob Liefeld & Adelso Corona

Review by Brian Verderosa

When last we left our titular characters, we had been briefly introduced to a character named Condor. He shows up on the cover of this issue (Enter Condor!) and chews scenery for the first few pages. The altercation shown on the cover never happens — and it’s a let-down. This book suffers from a silly premise — which I know sounds ridiculous being that we cover a world full of aliens and flying people. But Hawk and Dove change into their superhero personas based on whenever danger is near — and they’re downright annoying. There’s really nobody to root for in this book, with the exception of Deadman (Dove’s ex-boyfriend). The sophomore effort is better than issue #1, but it’s too little too late.


Skip it, unless you have a love of poorly constructed expositional dialogue.

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