Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2


Review by John Dela Cruz

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sarah Pichelli

“Months ago, before the original Spider-Man died, grade-schooler Miles Morales was about to start a new chapter in his life in a new school when he was suddenly bitten by a stolen genetically altered spider that gave him incredible arachnid-like powers.”

When you start this book, it picks up right where the last one left off; a terrified grade-schooler trying to figure out what exactly just happened to him. In typical storyboard fashion we are given flashes of the different and similar powers that have been bestowed upon Miles: invisibility, agility and the ability to sting & incapacitate. We are given a funny scene between Miles and his good friend Ganke, as Miles tries to explain what happened and his fear of being a mutant. Eventually his father locates Miles and we
get a very eye-opening conversation between father and son, which is very reminiscent of the relationship that Peter Parker had with his Uncle Ben. In this conversation, we understand the reason for the disconnected relationship between Miles’ father and uncle and what Miles’ father is trying to do for his son. The end of the book is very exciting as Miles finally figures out from Ganke that he is not a mutant, but rather he is Spider-Man.

The art in this book is just amazing. Sarah Pichelli’s style is refreshing and the colors by Justin Ponsor are vividly awe-inspiring.

This book builds on the relationships that Miles has as well as the foundation of his character.

Buy It – What Bendis is doing with this story is something magical. Great story, great art, amazing characters!

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