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Review: Superman #1


Written by George Perez

Drawn by Jesus Merino

 Review By Brad Jones

Superman #1 is a curious beast. On the one hand, it follows other New 52 flagship books’ lead – you’re thrown into the middle of a traditional, threat-to-Metropolis Superman episode – while seemingly establishing itself apart from decades of cannon. That said, there’s a consistency issue with the story-telling of this book and I’m not 100% sure I can get over it. An omniscient narration begins mid-book to assess the threat plaguing Metropolis (in this case, an alien fire-beast), but all it serves is to have comic font over what would otherwise look like a fairly cool panel.

The art is okay…I particularly liked the look of the fire-beast and the look of the Man of Steel is fine (certainly not as stylized as he appears in Swamp Thing). For me, the choices this #1 makes overshadow the rest of the book and all of the art. A new Daily Planet? Ok. Perry’s still running the Planet? Jimmy’s still an ace photographer? Lois, a tough-as-nails champion of the press? Check, check, check. But Lois is schtupping someone who doesn’t wear an emblazoned ‘S’ on his chest and never has? This universe feels parallel to all that I know of Clark Kent/Superman, while relying on my knowledge of the past to move forward. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with the manipulation, as nothing I’ve seen so far has particularly moved me in any positive direction.


Knowing who Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen will clearly not hurt. This book kinda assumes you already do, whether you like it or not.


Buy It – I’ll give it another go but it is half-hearted.

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