Review: Brilliant #1

Brilliant #1

Created & Produced by Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

Colors: Nick Filardi

Inks: Joe Rubinstein

Published by: Icon Comics (Marvel)

By John De La Cruz

From time to time, I find the most enjoyable and captivating titles, not directly from the big 2 (DC & Marvel) but from their imprint publishers.  Icon Comics, specifically, has made some of the most facilitating and story driven comic books that I have ever read in my life.


Brilliant is a comic book that I had heard nothing about and yet it sat on the comic book shelf telling me to give it a shot and I am so glad I did.  Our story is set in Seattle and is centered on a bunch of scientific college students.  One of the student’s (Albert) comes back after a long hiatus from school and is greeted to a surprise party in his honor.  There are many geek culture references, which include two people dressed up as “Transformers” battling it out with LARP sticks, a comment referencing Bladerunner, and a student that has built a robotic hand to sit at his computer to “mine for minerals in a MMO.”  The story eventually leads to an after party where the friends start talking to Albert about a “project” that they have been working on while he was away.  Their “project” centers around these series of statements “…there was a magic moment in history where Science Fiction and Science Fact lived in the same universe and fed off each other… What is the one piece of Science Fiction that has not become Science Fact? SUPERPOWERS!!!”


What You Need To Know

This is the story that the NBC TV series Heroes should have been about.


The Verdict

Buy It – a story about a bunch of science college students that have unlocked the scientific mystery behind creating SUPERPOWERS!!!

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