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Review: Blackhawks #1

Blackhawks #1

Written by Mike Costa

Pencils by Graham Nolan

Inks by Ken Lashley

The Blackhawks franchise was created by Will Eisner way back in 1941. It defined itself by its multi national cast with incredibly stereotypical characteristics. The idea of a military team up is not a very interesting one to me. That’s why I’m happy to report that the DC New 52 has brought Blackhawks #1 back and it thankfully has a lot to offer in the cool department.

I thought the G.I. JOE like conceit of a covert and highly skilled team of commandos trotting around the world being badasses was a good one. The team dynamic here is fun and layered (in an action movie kind of way). But for all of that positive I just can’t find it within myself to be excited for next month. Its probably the fact that any below the surface character development is practically non existent.

I hope that Blackhawks picks up steam in the coming issues. The action was fluid and fun. The science fiction aspects of the premise are cool and the characters seem badass at the very least.

Seems like nothing but I could be missing something.

Wait and See – Very good action beats, a good team dynamic and sic fi premise but severely lacking in character development.

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