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Review : I, Vampire

Title: Tainted Love
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artistry by Andrea Sorrentino
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

I, VAMPIRE #1 I found to be a relatively confusing book. Constantly shifting from one time period to another without the aid of a header to let you know when the events were taking place made this book a little difficult to follow. One minute I’m in the past and sharing tender moments with our two main characters (Andrew and Mary), the next I’m in the middle of what looks like a vampire zombie apocalypse. Confusion aside I have to admit that the book did hold my interest. I really enjoyed the gothic yet playful way the two lovers conversed with one another. Andrews over-serious tone coupled with Mary’s playful quips and teasing made for an interesting chemistry that forced me to grow into liking both characters very much.

The art is spot on for this moody book. Packed with vampire hordes, transformations, and lots of carnage, the dark style is really felt here. The idea of a vampire tale being set within a world where people like Superman are often referenced make me like this book even more as the opportunity for a cross-over is obvious and something I will be looking forward to in the issues to come.


This vampire world is still set within the DC Universe, probably somewhere just outside of Metropolis. It also helps if you have a working knowledge of vampires and their various capabilities as horrific creatures within the comic world.


Buy it – Confusing timelines aside, if dark and foreboding gothic art is your thing then you may really enjoy this one. This might not be the breakout book everyone is hoping for but there seems to be plenty of room for it to grow into something much more.


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