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Review: Fury of Firestorm #1


Title: God Particle

Co-Plotters Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone

Written by Gail Simone

Artistry by Yidiray Cinar


THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN #1 was um, I don’t know, weak? I don’t really like football, so when I find out that the first several pages of this book consists of football players displaying hack-juvenile racist comments, I’m automatically turned off. For all of the dialogue that went on within the book I’d found very little of it to be engaging in any way. I literally found myself rushing through the book just to see if anything was going to happen. When things finally picked up it felt rushed an completely unbelievable even within a comic book world.


One would think that when you receive awesome inhuman abilities that one would have some questions, but not here, no sir. We’re just going to move the story forward and have the two main characters continue their pointless spat about black and white relations like a bad episode of Saved By the Bell, all that was missing was the studio audience ready to chime in a good “Awww.” or “Booooo.”



Probably a lot. Though for the most part you need to know that there is some sort of secret project involving the Hadron Collider and a serum of sorts that imbues the recipients with unfathomable fire powers … that they use not to make the crisis better but to continue their racist squabble.



Skip It! Holy crap, maybe it’s just me but I really just did not care one bit about this book. For all of the dialogue and characters set within not a single one of them was likeable. Check it out if you want and perhaps more will happen in the next issue or two to save this less than stellar beginning but I’d be really surprised if I find myself reading this book beyond issue 3.

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