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Review: All-Star Western #1

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Moritat

It’s easy to balk at All-Star Western — it’s a niche book that is a dollar more than almost every other New 52 title and it stars a lesser-known character (Jonah Hex) who was the subject of a box-office bomb last year. But I’ve gotta tell you this is one of the most original titles I’ve read in some time.

Firstly, the $3.99 cover price is justified insomuch as the book is 28 pages, over 20% more than your standard book. Secondly, Palmiotti and Gray’s script is a wonderful melding of mystery and intrigue, utilizing characters such as Amadeus Arkham and Hex to flesh out a 19th century Gotham world.

Hex comes alive on the page and you can hear the Man With No Name coming out of his word balloons. He takes no prisoners and pulls no punches, but there’s more going on with that character than the brute persona would lead you to believe.

Issue #1 sets up a great story that I hope is at least a three-parter — no matter what, I’ll be there next month!


Nothing. There are allusions aplenty to comic vets, but you can go in blind no problem.


Buy it. Whether you like the western genre, murder mysteries, or 19th century folklore, there’s something for everyone.

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