Review: Ultimate Comics X-Men #1

Ultimate Comics X-Men #1

Writer: Nick Spencer

Pencils: Paco Medina

Inks: Juan Vlasco


Review by John M. Dela Cruz

Ever since the Ultimatum event, the Ultimate Marvel Universe has been in chaos and the Mutant species probably have it the worst.  Normal people all over the world now know that Mutants were actually originated by the United States Government and they are in a torrential uproar about everything.  It’s become a very dangerous world for men of X.

Right off the bat we get to see a glimpse of how serious the situation has gotten in the Ultimate Universe for mutants.  In the book we find what exactly has happened to the current mutant population as of today.  A big majority have been imprisoned in “concentration camps,” which the government is playing off as a safe sanctuary to all mutant kind.  However, in reality, mutants are now being hunted by government teams, locked up and in some cases tortured.  Some of the mutants that have been able to get away have gone into hiding; such as The Shroud (Kitty Pryde), Iceman (Bobby Drake) and the Human Torch (Johnny Storm).  Some started to ban together in what looks to be a re-emergence of an X-Men team. This in the making team up is lead by Karen Grant aka Jean Grey.

The one thing that always stands out in Ultimate books is the artwork.  The style and colors are very crisp and clean, and very pleasing to look at.  Artwork like this comes only at the hands of Paco Medina.

What You Need To Know

To really understand the scope of what is going on, you really have to read the Ultimatum storyline (You can find a comic book checklist here:

The Verdict

Wait and See – Although I love Ultimate version of the X-Men, I have to really see how the story of the re-launch goes before I can say it’s a definite buy.

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