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Review: Supergirl #1

Supergirl #1
Issue Title: Last Daughter of Krypton

Written by Michael Green and Michael F. Johnson

Pencils by Mahmud Asar

Inks by Mahmud Asar and Dan Green

I have never much cared for the adventures and trials of Kara Zor-el a.k.a. Supergirl because I never felt there was much to distinguish her, besides her gender, from her more famous cousin. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if you want a badass female superhero you should just turn to Wonder Woman? So, imagine my surprise that Supergirl # 1 is one of my favorite entries in the DC New 52.

Right from page one, this is a book after my own heart because I love “stranger in a strange land” scenarios. “Last Daughter of Krypton” sees Kara waking up confused and alone after her ship crash lands in a rural area of the United States. She has no memory of crashing, and in fact believes herself to still be on Krypton. Supergirl #1 is full of action that is both interesting and enthralling, but its really the internal adjustment process that Kara has to go through which has me singing this book’s praises. We feel along with Sueprgirl the anguish of her eyes. They explode with fire at the sight of the sun, and the deafening chorus of the helpless and angry from around the world that invades her mind without warning.  The sharp painted art showcases Mahmud Asar’s flair for iconography and action.

It is clear that Supergirl is just that, a girl unprepared for what is ahead. I for one can’t wait to see what’s coming.

What You Need to Know
Basically nothing. This is a true origin story with little to no ties to the old DC Universe. There are hints of  a larger world at foot here, but none of it is required to enjoy and understand.

Buy It – If you like stories of powerful women, painterly fluid art and a great balance of action and internal conflict.

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