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Review : Catwoman #1

Issue Title: “… and most of the costumes stay on …”
Written by Judd Winick
Pencils by Guillem March
Inked by Tomeu Morey

CATWOMAN #1 is everything you’d come to expect from Selina Kyle’s alter ego. The feline femme fatale gets dirty in this first exciting issue with plenty of espionage, harrowing escapes, and oh-so-sexy wardrobe changes that will make your ears grow red and your pants too tight. Filled with plenty of blood, violence and action the panels seem to merge together forming some pretty impressive sequences inside your mind’s eye.

The color and inking of this book is fantastic. Every panel leaps from the page and thrusts you right inside of the action. Characters immediately define their personalities and history with our favorite cat burglar and make you feel right at home with their roles inside the story. Catwoman, has always been one of the most cunning and calculating vixens within Gotham City, and it’s put quite clearly in this first issue this cat has claws.

Catwoman does not need you to know who she is, she’ll tell you herself and make sure that you never forget.

Buy it – If you’re at all a fan of the many important players that populate Gotham City then this is a no brainer. You would be hard pressed to find any other female within the city who demands your attention more than this cool cat.

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