Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1


Review by John de la Cruz

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sarah Pichelli

Like many comic book fans, I am very hesitant when it comes to change. I can
accept a major character dying and then subsequently coming back to life. However,
when the Ultimate Marvel crew decided to permanently kill off Peter Parker, aka Spider-
Man, in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160, it threw the Ultimate Universe in a twist.
That twist got even more crazy when they decided that they would be re-introducing
Spider-Man — but it wasn’t going to be Peter Parker!

Cut to Miles Morales, The NEW Spider-Man.

I really enjoyed this opening to the origin story of Morales as Spider-Man. A
young kid, somewhat shy and reluctant, trying to live life the best he knows how. His
parents are loving and caring, just trying to provide the best opportunity for their son’s
future. His uncle, a thief by night, trying to help out the best he knows how, even though
his brother (Miles’ father) doesn’t want anything to do with him. All this boils down to
the climax. Yup you guessed it; Miles gets bitten by a spider!!!

Enter NEW Spider-Powers!

This isn’t your mom and dad’s Spider-Man. This is something completely new and

Buy It – The new Spider-Man has a great foundation to become what Peter Parker was.

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