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Review: Resurrection Man #1


Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Pencils by Fernando Dagnino
Inks by Santi Arcas

RESURRECTION MAN #1 begins with the taste of metal settled upon your undead tongue. After walking away from a rather poorly secured morgue, we find our hero searching for the answers to questions about his new identity. As the story unfolds in this first issue, we are painted a sorted tale of foreboding, packed with seedy characters, sexy vixens, and hints at an Order of sorts who are out for one thing and one thing only … Resurrection Man’s immortal soul.

Resurrection Man appears to have real potential. A concept with seemingly limitless possibilities the book does a great job of starting you off on the right foot. The overall tone is that of an “identity lost” scenario that screams of intrigue and had kept me interested throughout the entire read. Superb line work and brilliant color fills each page and gives you a plenty of bang for your buck.

Every time Resurrection Man comes back to life he is gifted with new abilities, therefore changing his skill set and making him quite a versatile hero. This first issue serves as a re-introduction to the character, so anyone that is able to pick up the book can just dive right in.

Buy It – the premise and potential of the character is certainly worth your time.





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