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Review: Batman & Robin #1

Batman & Robin #1

Written by Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils by Patrick Gleason

Inks by Mick Gray

To be fair, this relaunch has been a haven for me insomuch as I fell off with many books many years ago, and a lot of the convoluted story lines turned me off. Not the least of which was Bruce’s departure from the Batbooks – something I thought silly and unnecessary. From what I know, Damian, Bruce’s son from the “Son of the Demon” graphic novel, has been palling around with Dick Grayson when he assumed the mantle of the bat. I don’t know how Damian was in those books – I haven’t read them.

In Batman & Robin #1 Bruce and his son are an awkward team. We see that he (Damian) has the physical prowess to be Robin, but we also are told he’s ten years old. Really? I can’t understand why Bruce would a) put a child of that age in harm’s way and b) much less his own son.

Also, and this is obviously just a character choice, but Damian is a jerk. He’s a bratty, precocious little snot who feels entitled. Perhaps that is the point, that Bruce needs to straighten him out. However, I don’t buy it.


Bruce was “dead” or “exiled” for a time, and his son helped in his absence. Oh, yeah, and he has a son.


Skip it.

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