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Review: Stormwatch #1


Issue Title: The Dark Side Part One

Written by Paul Cornell

Pencils by Miguel Sepulveda

Inked by Allen Passalaqua

STORMWATCH #1 clearly serves as an introductory issue to something that is bound to grow much larger in scope as it deals with the adventures of a team rather than a single hero or villain. This issue focuses on the recruitment of the one known as Apollo, said to be one of the strongest men in the universe. It’s difficult to say whether the book grabbed me or not. I enjoyed some of the now more minor characters a little more than our forerunner and that concerns me a little.

So far, Apollo feels to me like a Superman clone but lacking all of the needed pedigree and charm to help him not come off like some reluctant brat. However, as I stated earlier, some of the other players are really cool and given enough time spent with them I might just find myself digging on Stormwatch for at least a few more issues. The inclusion of other characters from other story arcs within the DC Universe is always a plus, so I’m willing to keep reading along for now.


Stormwatch  is a fictional United Nations-supported team of super heroes originally from the Wildstorm Universe brought to you originally from the company Image but was later integrated into the DC Universe.


Check it out first but it might be worth a buy – This is first and foremost an introductory issue to something much larger, so it’s important to have patience and allow yourself a few issues to see how things develop. There is certainly some major potential for epic battles and the crossing over of franchises and characters so it’s certainly something to keep your eye on.

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