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Review: Justice League International #1

Justice League International #1

Issue Title: “The Signal Masters: Part One”

Written by Dan Jurgens

Pencils by Aaron Lopresti

Inks by Matt Ryan

“The Signal Masters: Part One” is our introduction to Justice League International, which we get to watch get created from the ground up by Andre Briggs, a wonderfully fleshed out pitchman who convinces the Russian, Chinese and British governments to assemble JLI, to be comprised of a melting pot of diverse superheroes.

The real thing that shines about Jurgens’ script is that he manages to give each character their moment and nobody feels out of place or awkward. His Gardner is much more the 90s era, hot-headed and ignorant, which kind of contradicts the Green Lantern Corps Gardner. But the art is exceptional, and Batman shows up for more than just a few panels.

I’m also really interested in how the Booster Gold as leader angle is going to work out in the future – will he step up? Collapse? Anything could happen, and if the splash page finale is any indicator, it will.


Not much – everyone is explained well in a smart expositional way.


Buy it.

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