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Review: Hawk & Dove #1

Hawk & Dove #1

Written by Sterling Gates

Art by Rob Liefeld

Let’s just get the obvious about Hawk & Dove out of the way. Liefeld’s art is stunning. His famously disproportioned figures are still abound, but they add to the superhuman level of the characters. But characters are the problem in this tale, of Hank and Dawn (really close to Hawk and Dove, get it?), two heroes who don’t particularly like each other and for whatever reason (hinted at but not explained) they’re bound to one another to fight evil.

It’s given to us in the script, but Hank’s forceful ways and bullheadedness are a giant turn-off – he’s not someone I like to root for. Dawn, who seems to be the unwilling participant in all this, is far too mousey and quiet for the nonsense Hawk seems to have been perpetually pulling.

The action is great, and I do want to know more about the Dawn character, but I’m sorry to say that this is gonna have to be Strike One.




Skip it.


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