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Review: Batgirl #1

Written by Gail Simone
Pencils by Ardian Syaf
Inks by Vincente Cifuentes
One of the coolest things about DC’s New 52 launch is that they have the unique ability to rewrite history and tweak character dogma in such a way that is not cheating and, in fact, invigorating. Simone has done just that with her Batgirl, as she takes the beloved Barbara Gordon and gives her legs, quite literally.
Barbara’s “Killing Joke” past, in which the Joker severs her spine with a bullet, is still part of continuity — however, at some point to be revealed later, Barbara beat the paralysis which (in the previous universe) had resigned her to a life in a wheelchair. Reacquainted with running and jumping, Gordon kicks some major ass in the series opener, as well as gets shell-shocked when introduced to our new villain. This juxtaposition of power and vunerability is masterfully handled by Simone, who treats Barbara as a real person with real feelings and fears.
Barbara Gordon is Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, was paraylized for a time, and moonlights as Batgirl
Buy it, especially if you’re a Bat-fan or you like your superheroes grounded in personality.

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